Richard Bucker

OpenBSD 7.0 RaspberryPI Setup

Posted at — Nov 4, 2021

I have an 8GB Raspberry Pi (model 4-ish). Granted I no longer like my rpi hardware… for the price they really cannnot do much and for the price I’d prefer a couple Intel or AMD NUCs. Sure there is something fun about having the DIDO ports and hacking about but after you add all the networking, cableing, displays and so on the raw cost get’s close enough and you might even prefer to run proxmox or vmware.

moving on…

My pi predates the usb bootable rom… so here is what I had to do. Some of these steps might get deleted with my next try.

If all goes well then at this point the OpenBSD bootload should start… might take a while to get there. At some point you’ll get to the boot prompt. I just hit ENTER. The boot loader started loading OpenBSD however the only complaint I saw was somthing about urandom seed but that might have been because it was the first boot.

After a very long time it rebooted. I do not think it was installed… and then it did it again. I might have to watch it more closely next time.

This time I typed

boot> set tty fb0

And it rebooted anyway. So Sad.

I was able to get to the UEFI boot loader by pressing ESC during the power up… but frankly anything more complicated than this is just a waste of time.