Richard Bucker


Posted at — May 7, 2021

I’m pulling my hair out trying to get any of my OpenBSD 6.8 or 6.9 systems connect to my Synology NAS with iSCSI support. Not only does it not work but there is a subtle post dated 5 years ago that said that CHAP was not implemented “yet”. And unfortunately the code has not changed much in 5 years.

Chances are it’s a dead portion of the project… one would think they would get rid of the dead project.

I’m so conflicted because I just figured out how to autoinstall… sigh.


I’ve been chasing this squirrel for quite a while today. While I can only get the hint of any real implementation of iSCSI there is plenty of NFS and some mention of 9p and PNFS. It was in the PNFS posts that the truth came out. NFS code works but it sucks. Most remote file systems are tricky and buggy.

I’m reminded of the endless failures from raid and/or encrypted file systems.

Also from the six sigma play book… adding a dependent system reduces the overall reliability. Furthermore the iSCSI target on the Synology is not actually accessable to the filesystem. That in itself creates another challenge.