Richard Bucker

OpenBSD Laptop

Posted at — Sep 19, 2021

I’ll say it again… I like my ChromeOS devices. But I also hate them. I do not know how many Linux kernel programmers or trusted kernel programmers there are but when companies start shaming kernel developers and then look for technology to curb the major flaws (adding rust support)… I started to get sensitive.

The OpenBSD team has lost some compatibility over the years but when you look at the LOC it’s significantly more managable than the alternatives. Of course part of the blame is to be had for the hardware manufacturers as they try to use up damaged or buggy stock.

Also the OpenBSD programmers have looked at the toolchain as well as fixing what was broken…

and so building OpenBSD is a lot more plausable when the time comes.

not that I would want to. If that happened I might want to move back to CPM and Turbo Pascal and Assembler.

My Google Pixel is at EOL and I have a couple more devices that are in the same space. There are instructions for repurposing these machine with OpenBSD but it’s a bit complicated and somewhat unreliable. And I think that’s why many OpenBSD developers like Lenovo even though it’s only a few models.