Richard Bucker

OpenBSD 6.9 Lenovo Ideapad 3 14

Posted at — Sep 23, 2021

HEADLINE: I was able to install OpenBSD 6.9 onto a Lenovo Ideapad 3 14.

It was pretty simple as installations go but there were some tricks.

The first time I tried this the image I was installing did not have the base packages and wifi would not start by default. I’d never done that so I do not know for sure… I inserted an Anker USB/Ethernet dongle which worked in later steps.

Insert USB, connect ethernet cable and reboot (save and exit)

You should get the standard BOOT> prompt. Press ENTER and follow the usual installation instructions.

After removing the install media and then reboot; I logged, looked around, sent the dmesg to openbsd and then started X (startx). I got the usual CDM. I exited the desktop with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and was back at the command line.

Next I closed the lid. I opened it quickly to see some commands on the console. Probably system leakage. And I closed it again. Looking at the Ethernet dongle or the power indicator it might be sleeping but I’m not sure what it is… had to press the power button to reboot.


There are some other obvious hardware components in the dmesg but I do not need or want them for the moment. Right now I’m booting FreeBSD 13 just for a comparison.

UPDATE: FreeBSD 13 was a total bust. I’m installing POP_OS right now and I’ll likely try Intel’s ClearLinux (because of it’s boot time). One of them will work but the mission is an overall failure unless I get a BSD working nicely.

POP_OS was slow to install and slow to update but it worked. Encrypted drive, quick but not fast boot. buttons and lid worked. NO WIFI.

ClearLinux was fast to boot from USB, fast to boot after install, quick to install content, while a lot of the system is readonly there are overrides and that’s just a function of ClearLinux. Support is weak not that OpenBSD would be better… but it also avoids the mission. Screensaver worked during install was sort of a surprise. No wifi.

I’m going to call this a complete bust and move on.