Richard Bucker

OpenBSD on my laptop

Posted at — Jan 4, 2020

I’ve been thinking and trying to install OpenBSD on one of my legacy laptops. This is a basic response to the “surveillance capitalization”. I do not trust many of the Linux systems… partly because the amount of code, the tight coupling of Corp America, the number of developers and so on; for a start. I like my ChromeOS devices and while I think the OS is probably safe, the terminal session (ssh) is probably more safe… I’m certain the rest of the machine is leaking data.

I’m not sure if they’ve gone to the extent of rooting the hardware but the trust has to start someplace. What’s to say if I got this install to work that the MBA was not already root’d by Apple?

Sure having a mobile OpenBSD is reasonable but to what end? Sure; you are moving the risk to the network but what work are you actually doing that needs local hardware?

So for now I hope I have exorcised that daemon.