Richard Bucker

OpenStack - Glossary of Feature Names

Posted at — Nov 25, 2014

Silicon Valley has long since been in love with giving features names instead of numbers. I’m not sure what the exact origin of the practice was but there was a time when projects had names. My first recollection of the double name was from the Debian project which then leaked into the Ubuntu project. I have no real first hand experience with this information it’s just the timeline that I’m familiar with… so relax.I do not have the complete list but the last 3 releases of OpenStack are Grizzly, Havana, and IceHouse. And for the most part that’s ok too. They are long standing project with reasonable lifespans and support. People grok the context without much effort.I typed this list before I found this link. Couldn’t the OpenStack team select names that were closer to their function. This is particularly important since theĀ namespace is essentially prefixed by “openstack” anyway. The goofy names are probably better for google searches but they are no less reasonable when combined with “openstack”Cinder - StorageNova - Command LineKeyStone - Identity ServerGlance - Image ServerNeutron - NetworkingSwift - Object StorageHeat - OrchestrationCellometer - TelemetryTrove - Database ServiceSahara - Data processing command lineOpenstack - Command LineThe current OpenStack docs can be found here.