Richard Bucker

OSX Mountain Lion - wake from screenlock

Posted at — Jul 28, 2012

It has been 24 hours since I installed mountain lion and I have not seen anything “new and interesting”. There have been some “new and uninteresting” and then the FAILs.I keep my laptops powered up and running 24x7. The screensavers are running on a short leash in order to preserve the screen and save some energy, however, since I’m a professional I never know when I’m going to be asked to do something and I’m much too impatient to wait. Also, I run backups 24x7 and I need to make certain that the backups are performed at night when I’m offline in order to preserve bandwidth.My screensaver engages at the 15 minute mark and the screen is turned off at the 20min mark. What is currently bothering me is that when the screen is sleeping (powered down), and I click a key or move the mouse, the laptop display flashes white for just a second and then restores the previous image… and it’s annoying.I have not debugged the video driver and I certainly do not know what the design details are. Whether it’s time to startup the backlight or the difference between the LED and¬†fluorescence¬†backlights. It’s just plain annoying.