Richard Bucker

OSX Photo is taking too long to sync

Posted at — Feb 19, 2016

I’ve complained about my wife’s OSX machine in the recent past. This issue is that when I enable iCloud sync my home network slows to a crawl. The only evidence that I have for the network failure is congestion at the router. At the time my network was rated at 5MB/50MB (up/dn).And with a little luck my ISP upgraded me to 10MB/100MB today. Since my photos never completed the sync I restarted the process today. As it turns out I watched a national news article about computer ransom-ware last night and I needed to get the backup started again.The increase in bandwidth did not really fix things but it did redirect my focus.I might have failed to notice that Photo, backblaze and G+ were all running at the same time. That’s not a solid practice.Photo’s sync seems to use a shared OSX proxy so that it can monitor or shape the network usage, however, the end result seems to have been complete network saturation.Uploading files at WiFi speeds or even 100MG should not be taking to the CPU. And at the same time the fan was going crazy the “monitor” indicated that there was no network usage. When I switched over to CPU is seems that a codec was using all available CPU.Well my network issue has not been resolved except that the interruptions per upload are fewer. The problem, however, is that while my wife has been taking new pictures we are not safe.UPDATE 2016-04-25: ¬†When I connected my MacBook to a wired network my sync seemed to make progress and only mildly disturbed the other systems in my network. I’m not crazy with the notion that a single wireless device could crash the entire LAN.