Richard Bucker

OSX when simple is not simple enough

Posted at — Feb 21, 2015

It happened again. I lost another MacBook.  This was the oldest machine with the largest HDD. The 1TB was toast and so was the machine. I could not pull the drive and mount it as an external drive and I could not put the factory drive back into the MacBook and boot. It was a double loser.The only thing I can do at this point is repurpose my MacBook unibody. Sadly I had previouslypulled the 500GB drive, placed it with a 1TB drive and then replaced it with a 250GB SDD. Now this 250GB drive is not going to hold enough if the pictures to be useful.This had me thinking.  What would happen if I had 1TB of pictures and a MacBook Air. Talking to one of the Apple Genius' today he told me that (a) I would have to partition my pictures onto thunderbolt drives and (b) that 4GB was not enough memory for the number of pictures I had.Excellent!!!But there are any number of problems with this strategy:iCloud does not support this strategyiCloud is expensiveSwitching to multiple libraries is riskymoving pictures between libraries is complicatedAfter all that I realized that what I want is something that is simple and that I do not need to know all of the moving parts. I’ve become my parents.The only silver lining is that other world computing sells a 2TB drive that is supposed to work in my unibody MacBook. The better news is that while I’m restoring files from backblaze, decrypting my boot drive, uploading the raw images back to Google+ … I’m able to write this post on my chromebook.PS: Three things saved my ass. (1) backup to Google+ (2) backup to backblaze (3) took a local copy of my iPhoto folder just a few weeks before the failure. Both the Google and backblaze saved every single file.