Richard Bucker

Overdue updates

Posted at — Oct 29, 2014

Tweetbot for iOS is overdue to receive the “add to reading list” function directly from the main stream. Currently you have to open the link in Safari and then add it to your reading list.  That’s just too many clicks.Of course the exact same can be said for Google+’s iOS app. It’s simply impossibly to “add to reading list” until you get it open in safari. There is a shortcut or two but in the end you are still in the sam place with the same number of clicks.And of course Google’s Chrome browser already sync’s bookmarks and such but they have not implemented a reading list as yet… and I’m not going to re-activate those other guys just yet. Safari did it right… and it would be flattery to get even close.Panic needs to update StatusBoard with some of the 2.x features they talked about a year ago. And while they are at it they need to fix some awful terminal bugs in Diet Coda.Cell phone manufacturers need to correct their pricing so that pricing is back inline. First of all we need a voice activated Motorola StarTac.  And if you’ve never used a StarTac you deserve to try one. It was a small flip phone, long battery and it was so light/rugged enough that it would survive just about any drop.