Richard Bucker

Pandemic Scale Technology Failure

Posted at — Aug 15, 2020

Most companies do not have a disaster recovery (DR) plan and fewer have a pandemic plan. Granted this sort of thing is somewhat commonplace in SEC filings addressing leadership succession and capital losses but I think few consider pandemic scale mitigation.

Let me pose this question… what would happen if someone or some group had been quietly installing a sleeper virus in every or most computers in existance and then one day decided to trigger it such that every computer stopped working. Consider how one developer broke node.

Are you scared yet? This scenario keeps me awake nights. And while it’s easy to say hardware is better these days… how much of that hardware is cookie cutter from years past? How many ethernet ports with admin power off access wake on lan are out there?

Frankly the technology OEMs would do themselves a great service to completely change their sourcing every generation or so.

How will your business survive the great technology pandemic?