Richard Bucker

parsing the difference

Posted at — Oct 8, 2016

“I am Sorry” is not the same as “I apologize
“I am sorry for what I said” is not the same as “I am sorry if what I said hurt you”
“I should not have said that” is not the same as “I regret someone recorded that”
I played Dungeon and Dragons (D&D), also referred to as PNP - paper and pencil, from age 12 to about 35. While the game was fun to play and a distraction from every day stress and boredom it was fun to read the references and find new loopholes that would extend or improve the virtual life of my character. On one ocassion I went to a local convention and I played a different kind of PNP and what struct me was that the dungeon master was completely transparent and while that made for a more difficult gameplay it was fast, fun and virtually deadly. Then one day I read an article in one of the D&D magazines. Essentially the article said that the game was rigged and that dungeon masters were meant to cheat in order to keep the story going and the players happy.

So hearing that HRC has a public and private plan is no great revelation. That the Russians are trying so hard to disqualify her suggests that she’s probably scarier or stronger a proposition than Trump is. More importantly I think someone needs to check Trumps foreign entanglements. That he has not actually relinquished his business to his kids, as he promised, and that he seems to have debts in Russia and China mean that these countries may be able to influence him far and above any possible pay for play that HRC is accused of.