Richard Bucker

Part 1 - the new system

Posted at — Nov 7, 2019

One thing I like about OpenBSD is that it supports a range of CPUs. That includes some legacy hardware which is sort of the point. While I have not yet determined the DR hardware availability for the moment I’m looking at AMD64 and ARM64.For the moment I have downloaded OpenBSD 6.4, 6.5, ad 6.6. And I have versions for USB hardware and ISO. This means I can boot on baremetal and vmWare.Keep in mind that it’s not certain whether USB, vmWare, CDROM will survive or not. I think there is a side of me that wants to protect a PI4, odroid etc just so that I have something.As a backup I have a number of legacy CROMs from when OpenBSD was published as in something tangible. One thing that remains is capturing the ports/packages for the tools.Q: what is the difference between “packages” and “packages-stable”?Q: which is the better OpenBSD desktop?