Richard Bucker

Perl is Better than Python - The Killer App.

Posted at — Jul 5, 2011

I just started working on rewriting a fully operational acquirer gateway. I originally wrote the application in erlang and now I convinced my client to implement it in Python. I happen to like python a lot and now that perl 6 seems to be more of a fork than a version python is even more tasty. And that’s when it happened!I wanted to “over” document the new system. Partly because the erlang version was very well undocumented but I also wanted to code the documentation inline… and I was thinking perldoc all the way. If you have not used perldoc then you don’t know perldoc. It’s the easiest way to document perl applications and I like it.So naturally I wanted the same syntax or better for Python. Unfortunately it takes perldoc to a new level. So much so that I hate it and I want to try to reconsider my python decision. I may have to try a module or two in perl just for fun.Perl has it’s CPAN and Python has it’s setuptools(easy_install) but nothing compares to perldoc. perldoc may be the killer app. Long live perldoc!