Richard Bucker

pfSense vs OPNsense: a professional viewpoint

Posted at — May 17, 2019

I’ve read the articles and I’ve listened to the executives and while the origin story suggests that there are more alike than not it simply does not matter and it might have more to do with who you are and your environment than it does the device.If you work for a commercial organization with assets to protect then you are going to be looking at commercial grade firewalls. That might be commercial versions of OpnSense or pfSense but then it could be Enterprise class Cisco, Juniper etc… Or even some place in between like Ubiquiti. There are plenty of vendors and many different price points and integration.Some where in the middle might be the typical home user that needs a netgear, linksys, home router firewall.On the other end of the spectrum is the geek, hacker, hobbyist, or bootstrapped startup. These people are going for free at any cost. The typical handicap is the office geek that thinks he/she can save the company tons of cash but then spends all sorts of time and money on configuration and maintenance or worse has to reinvent the wheel every time there is a question and new requirement.I’ve spent a lot of time on configuration as code and system¬†orchestration and the most costly part of the process is speed aka Agile.REFS