Richard Bucker

PhotoStream is not DropBox

Posted at — Feb 23, 2012

It’s fine and dandy that “we” tend to press the AGREE button for every update to the EULA changes that Microsoft, Apple or just about every vendor produces or makes. We have become accustomed to the notion that someone is reading this crap and if it’s too radical or restrictive someone else is going to complain when there is a genuine conflict.I’m still having trouble making an offsite backup of my family photo albums. My wife has taken over 20K pictures since we first started dating and I introduced her to digital photography. Add the video and we have almost 300GB and according to CrashPlan and Bitcasa my upload is going to take months even at full throttle.Since PhotoStream storage is not counted as part of the disk usage I thought it would be a great place to store our pictures. I’d have to find an alternative for the video but for the moment this was the plan.But when you launch iPhoto for the first time and select the PhotoStream view, the splash screen says it all. “keeps the last 30 days”. Unfortunately Apple has lost yet another manual and so there is no way to know exactly what that means. And taken in the context of more “air” and iOS type computers coming from apple I’m just not certain I know what the process is going to be in order to actually preserve the pictures.PS: 30 days is ok if the family shares the same iCloud account and you just want to share instantly. But it’s going to suck when it comes to battery life.