Richard Bucker

Pi 4 8GB

Posted at — May 28, 2020

The new “Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 8GB” is out. But what does it mean and what’s it good for? I Dunno. Compared to an Intel NUC it’s a fraction of the price and can function well as a programmer’s desktop and importantly it fits in my pocket.

what does 8GB get you?

The real challenge for the Pi is that the chip is not server grade and to get to server grade it as expensice as the server; maybe more so. In recent months/years linux has added RAM compression so that your 4GB ram appears to be 6GB. So while this 8GB is welcome who knows what it means to performance and capacity.

While I am sitting on 2x Pi zero W and 4x Pi 4B 4gb they are ALL currently decommissioned. Even the one that I converted to a retro pi has been shelved as I bought a Nintendo Wii which the kids get more play time from.

I ordered a Pi-8gb (limit 1)

In the coming days I will be rebuilding my entire lab network. I will be segmenting my lab computers away from all of my desktops and laptops. I will not be able to sideload my desktop into the lab unless my network fails. So this could be an opportunity to try a different desktop.

I do not travel much but there is something to be said for traveling without a screen other than a tablet and a pi.

What I have determined to be my ideal desktop is a ChromeBox or a ChromeBook where my configuration is in the cloud. If my device is damaged or lost I can go to any big-box store and start working right away… Consider that the last OSX system update took nearly 6 hours. That’s just dumb.

not even an Amazon Fire Tablet is that efficient

The rest of my development environment it either a dedicated server OS running on baremetal and/or as a VMware guest. When I run a desktop in VMware I tend to install teamviewer or Chrome remote desktop because VMware’s desktop viewer sucks and teamviewer is commercial and VNC is not secure, fast, or useful.

On to the next experiment.