Richard Bucker

Pi Now Pt3

Posted at — Oct 5, 2020

At this point the cameras have completed their first boot, connected to the access point, been named, camera enabled and capable of recording.

At this point I need to record 4x 15 minute videos to emulate a game situation using raspivid.

The remaining is TBD but …

packaging video

I installed this on the camerahub but it’s a lot of code.

sudo apt install -y gpac

NOTE that when glances is installed the server is started.

On the hub…

Sample video

# RAW video h264... but not readable in chromeos yet
raspivid -t 10000 -n -o /tmp/sample.h264
MP4Box -add sample.h264 sample.mp4


One very important thing I am seeing here is that glances is [a] using 25% of the system’s CPU and for some strange reason the root folder is showing 1.33 or 1.4 used.


file located $HOME/.config/glances

# Does Glances should check if a newer version is available on PyPI?

# Define the static servers list


I think I’ll install fabric in order to send commands from the hub to the cameras and see what happens. One interesting thing is that it will document in code the commands for the cameras… and they are always to be running in tandem.