Richard Bucker

Pi Now Pt4

Posted at — Oct 11, 2020

Now that the videos have been migrated to the AP it’s time to process the videos. It’s just not clear how to accomplish the task. Here’s the first thought…

I’ve tested an idea like parallel-ssh and it kinda worked. There is some delay in the trigger and latency between requests. I was hoping to limit the amount of code needed on the camera side but I think I’ll need a command proxy. Keeping a tunnel open has it’s own problems.


You live, learn, forget, and then learn all over again. At some point I was able to monitor my cluster with glances, then I added a 4xUSB raid array, and suddenly my cameras (pi-z[w]) would no longer connect or stay connected. After rebuilding the cameras again… connectivity was spotty at best. Now I’m breaking the whole thing down and starting all over. I would have liked to have had all 3 cameras connected, and some follow the ball video… but that looks like it’s out of scope.

The new plan…

At this point I’ll spend my time looking at youtube and other edit tools for capturing either the offensive video and/or combining it with a defensive view. But at least I need to capture and practice.