Richard Bucker


Posted at — Nov 1, 2018

Sleeping well on the trail is probably in the top 5 important things about hiking. Without rest the body will start to misbehave and one starts to make bad decisions. Without getting distracted by sleeping systems let’s just talk about pillows. Pillows are typically considered a luxury item, however, depending on your sleep style your position and comfort might depend on a pillow.At the apex of the pillow mountain is the Sea To Summit. People just love this pillow. While I do not have one of my own it seems to be the union of an inner bladder and an outer wrap. The loft seems to be about 3 inches and the firmness is set by the sleeper.Mentioned previously I have a number of pillows but I recently decided to try this combination:This is the Snugpak Air Pillow and the Snugpak Snuggy. The combination worked both in the hammock and the tent. Whether I was sleeping on my back, side or front. The different materials allowed me to set my comfort level depending on my position. I never experienced the complaints that I heard about from the reviewers on youtube.