Richard Bucker

Plasma Lighter in my kit

Posted at — Sep 21, 2018

I recently purchased a plasma lighter for my kit. I thought I made a good selection as there are a wide variety of lighters from simple coils, zippo looking plasma, and other formats. Without giving too much away this was what I did:This is the head of the lighter.When power is applied there is what looks like a continuous spark. This can be used to light a candle or a campfire.The neck of the lighter has some reach that I hope will prevent my fingers from getting burned.It also folds up and has a “safety” to reduce pack size and prevent unintended ignition. I should mention that the safety does not work well. If this were a traditional lighter I’d be concerned about fuel leakage.Not pictured here is a USB port for recharging the device. There was a mention on one of the descriptions about the number of lights per charge. But I’m not sure that really matters. (see the conclusion)Yesterday I managed to light some fire gel but I had to get the plasma stream very close to the gel or the evaporating fuel. Today I tried to light a candle and I managed to get some wax on one of the lighters probes. At that point the lighter malfunctioned. I had to use a screw driver to peel the wax off and was successful with the second attempt.I have a couple of other lighters in my kit including a torch and a traditional mini bic. For me this plasma lighter is novel but useless. I wouldn’t be able to use it for birthday candles or a bonfire. While many lights malfunction in the rain I expect this one will too since it is electrical and a bic simply needs to dry. So the winner is a bic in a ziploc.