Richard Bucker

Poncho Tarp in bad weather

Posted at — Jan 21, 2019

Let’s face it if you are hiking in bad weather and you’ve already accepted the fact that hiking means discomfort then using a poncho-tarp as clothing and shelter is a real possibility. There are two real challenges. [1] ponchos, in blustery weather, blow everywhere and do not offer much protection. [2] when transitioning from poncho to tarp getting the cordage right can be a challenge.This weekend I took the family to a soccer tournament. The morning of the second day we saw terrible rain and for the most part it was raining sideways so the colemen tent was almost useless. I ended up using my poncho as a tarp to deflect the rain from the side but it was cold, I only had 550 cord, and my fingers simply would not tie a knot.In hindsight I could or should have used plastic s-biners. I suppose I could have used smaller cordage but I did not have any on me.  uhg.