Richard Bucker

Pop!-os or Chromebook

Posted at — Jun 12, 2020

This has been a week of learning. While I have been working on a new network installation I also plugged into a new desktop. My history of workstation goes way back:

In recent years I have been all about ChromeBooks and ChromeBox from ASUS and Google. And I’ve added a couple of Intel NUC devices. And so when I say that there are some lessons learned I mean it.

While Pop!-OS has been good to me I’m just not happy. Everything I’m working on has artifacts and that’s just more junk to think about. One of my coworkers depends on Windows PCs but about once every two or three years she gets an upgrade at it takes months to complete. If she were ALL-IN google Chromebook she could lose the machine, get a replacement on amazon and never miss a beat.

I’ll be switching back to ChromeOS shortly… Maybe try some Chromium.