Richard Bucker

Privacy Matters!

Posted at — Aug 16, 2013

There was a survey recently that concluded that most gmail users expect that Google is reading their mail or some such. While it’s not hard to come to that conclusion based on recent events I think that the wording is ambiguous and will lead to other, potentially, larger problems.The problem is … if people accept that google is reading their email then by extension it’s ok for google to read their email. Which would be considered “evil”. Google’s terms of service and privacy policy┬áprovide all of the necessary expectations.I have no doubt that google’s robots are reading my email, blog posts, wiki, source code, reading list and so on. It’s all intended to understand me better and make me click. Given the number of users in the world I seriously doubt that someone is reading my content and doing something with it. But just in case you’re listening…. you do not have my permission.