Richard Bucker

Prod staging qz dev in your ci/cd

Posted at — Nov 28, 2019

I’ve been developing with CI/CD since before it was a straw, let alone a pipeline. No, graduates of 2020 you did not design or discover CI/CD just like graduates of 1990 did not discover REST. And so the question is just how should you use it? The answer to that depends on the number of users and the basic capability of the various environments, security needs, and so on.

For example…

I like to make code changes locally and then test them by compiling my code locally. Once I get past the basic compiler syntax errors etc I like to give my code the blush test. All of this on the local dev machine. Since I use ChromeOS devices as my desktop my DEV machines are remote bare metal machines running linux and/or docker. So with a handy makefile or build script I can build and test.

Sometimes that build process and create intermediate docker images that can be pushed… and I do that too. But the question I have for myself is whether this is the right step for running one-off reports. Seems to me that getting the report to staging might be better. At least this way it makes it’s way thru the pipeline and has a reliable build. And…

When that report works it can be deployed in staging, some other backup or secondary server… or production.