Richard Bucker

Programming languages that I like enough to install on my laptop

Posted at — Mar 4, 2014

Some time ago I decided that I was not going to install anything my laptop. ¬†First of all because I always find myself installing countless libraries that I can never reproduce the environment accurately enough for a practical CI/CD environment. Secondly because it also means trying to stay current with the latest versions of the language and/or libraries. Third, there is always a time when versions skew between production and development meaning that my local machine needs to be able to operate in multiple versions. Finally, rebuilding my laptop after a reinstall or replacement is time-consuming if not impossible.While there is nothing I can do about the first and second challenges the others can be handled. There are a number of ways to handle #3. Ruby has RVM, GoLang has GVM, perl has perlbrew, python has pythonbrew and virtualenv. There are other options for different languages but this seem to be getting some traction #4 can be addressed with chef, puppet, salted and a few other installation orchestration tools.And after all that… these are the languages I’ve decided to install on my laptop:juliarustgolangluaerlangelixirtcl-tkI also have a few of the default tools like:rubyperlpythonobjective-cI suppose there could be a few others that I’m not aware of but these are the ones I see right now.