Richard Bucker

Project Name

Posted at — Jan 22, 2021

What’s in a project name? EVERYTHING. Naming a project “carrot” or some other wacky name is a crazy waste of time. While “clean code” offers some interesting but incomplete insight there is something more to be said about naming projects. In my VCS (version control system) I have 30 to 40 unique projects. In my experience I could have had a few hundred personal projects but years later I cannot recall what any project might do based on it’s crazy name.

“Clean Names” are everything

I have some code for orchestrating deploying various OS; including OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Clear Linux, VMWare Photon and a few others. As time went on the code forked… and while I have not used the project in 6 months I did need to deploy a new version of OpenBSD. Sadly I could not remember which carrot was the one I needed. While I have 20+ development machines I could not recall which was the last one I used; where the project was opened; what it was called; what the CLI options were and so on.

Project descriptions are useless unless they are capture the full meaning

Luckily for me; when I last renamed the project I renamed it with a “-machine” suffix because I was thinking that my orchestration was akin to docker-machine. (different CLI but similar outcome)

The lesson is that clean code begins with clean names.