Richard Bucker

protect your food

Posted at — May 11, 2019

My hiking as been limited to the Florida trails close to my home.JH makes some recommendations that I’ve also read in a hiker’s howto book.[1] odor proof bag[2] eat before you get to camp[3] do not cook - cold soak or similar[4] keep the food close so a critter has to decide whether an encounter is worth it[5] sleep in uncommon places and not shelters were animals have developed habits[6] hanging a bag properly is difficult; if hung far enough away the critters will have all night to try to get to it (see #4)Keep in mind that this is about hiking not camping. The hiking book made reference to getting into camp and going right to sleep. Then waking in the morning and getting on the road before stopping for the first meal. And taking a nap whenever you wanted. It was all about the hike.