Richard Bucker

Public Interest

Posted at — Feb 7, 2020

Alan ‘the dersh’ Dershowitz made some bold and WRONG claims at the trump impeachment and it does not take a constitutional schollar to know the difference.

While the dersh did not exactly say I’m a friend of the court there is a classification of legal schollars that will help the court resolve complex issue. They are “supposed” to be neutral 3rd parties; or at least balanced. the dersh, paid or not, worked for trump so any opinion he would offer was biased in favor of his client and not the law or constitution.

the dersh argued that the trump, as President, was permitted to lie, cheat, and steal so long as it was in the “public Interest”. The problem with the argument is it’s foundation by conflating election fraud and interferance as in the public interest. It’s not. In fact it’s the direct opposite.

The DEM opening argument quotes the Federalist Papers and makes the point that the President is supposed to protect the election process. It’s where ALL power to govern is authorized “by the people”.

If I say ‘I always tell lies’, am I telling the truth?

the dersh has been on the wrong side of the table no less than 3 times. I feel he has struck out and it’s time to hit the showers. Oh yeah, the dersh quit the team.

Possible Motives and the dersh provided examples:

  1. ‘Public Interest’
  2. ‘Own Political Interest’
  3. ‘Own Financial Interest’

The problem with the argument is that the dersh conflates #2 ‘own political interest’ with #1 ‘public interest’. Just because Hitler believed that being a dictator was in the public interest did not make it so. Equally, just because trump believes a second term is his destiny does not actually make it so. If the public believes it then the election will bear it out. Also the constitution talks about “free and fair elections”. What makes an election fair if the remedy, as presented by the dersh, is not available to all Presidental candidates?

As far as FREE elections go; that ship may have sailed. Specially when you consider things like SuperPACs, election committees, churches and the like, dark money, gerrymandering … and the like.

At this point the GOP has eroded what was once a great country. The GOP is squandering our natural resources, stealing from our retirement, and making it difficult to earn a living wage with enough time to enjoy some retirement. The GOP has killed the american dream. Where we once thought we wanted super-cars and mc-mansions we now think about vanlife and tiny homes.