Richard Bucker

Purpose built IDE's.

Posted at — Sep 2, 2013

I really like the brackets editor. However it seems to be a special-purpose IDE. It supports JavaScript and other server-side client-side editing tasks and files. If your ecosystem is exclusively Implemented in JavaScript both client-side and server-side than brackets would appear to be an ideal IDE. However in the real world this is not practical. Most projects are poly-lingual meaning that they include languages and features from multiple sources. For example building web application using go requires both syntax analysis and Lint plus HTML JavaScript CSS. Additionally you need to be able to edit various dot files access files configuration files all of which would be nice if there were some pics highlighting for.On the other hand generic editors like that brains and clips and NetBeans seem to miss the mark when it comes to building apps. They have certain customizations that allow them to build apps for a select set of projects Or project types. These IDEs will always be a work in progress.At the end of the day you’re probably better off picking your favorite text editor like ViI, Vim, eMacs, sublime, textmate.