Richard Bucker

PWA - google said what?

Posted at — May 10, 2019

I/O 2019 is going on or maybe has just closed and so the content is starting to popup on my google cards. PWA? Progressive Web Apps… Don’t go crazy just yet but in the introduction the speakers were telling us that a PWA was simply decoupled from the browser. WTF!@#$%^ I’d swear we just spent the last 30 years moving everything to the browser. This is the client/server argument all over again.So here we are in yet another waste of time cycle.The truth of the matter is that this conversation is all about the 1% companies that continue to have problems scaling their tools for their companies. But keep in mind that they are still the 1%. If I was going to compete with gmail or maybe AOL mail then maybe this would be important… Any project I start today will be used by 10s to 100s or maybe 1000s of users. PWA does not get you there.In another example I look at Kubernetes. It’s a nice framework but only useful for the 1% too. I was looking at the business in a box┬ástructure again and if you have 100 employees deploying all the necessary systems is flat. And end to end connectivity means that the network looks like some sort of star or partial mesh and for all the complicated partitioning and vlan you lose responsive deploy. This does not mean that configuration as code is not valuable just that time ramps up quickly.