Richard Bucker

Python is Better than Perl - The Killer App.

Posted at — Mar 5, 2012

Back on July 5th, 2011, I wrote a post about how perl was better than python. Since then I have a new opinion. Partly because of the cruft I received from the Mojolicious community. It’s sad because perl is a great language and the CPAN community is also very strong. That a few curmudgeons can ruin it for the rest is sad. As an editorial comment they are only hurting the language they are protecting so much.One of the biggest chalenges with languages like perl, python and ruby is that they are being installed as part of the base OS. Specially in most linux distros. (perl has been there from as early as I can remember) Recently python and ruby have been added to the basic install. This is not a bad thing but these languages are under constant development and they are constantly evolving making current applications obsolete or non-functioning.This is also a HUGE challenge in the development cycle when dependencies are constantly moving and yet developers need to make progress. S recently I started spending time with virtualenv. I’m also using workon a virtualenv wrapper.In the perl article I was all gaga over CPAN. The python folks have PyPi which does a great job. The best part is that submitting your own packages can be pretty simple if you use the modern-package-template and some of the built-in tools. My sense is that the CPAN can be brutal to submit.The best part of the virtualenv is that you can specify the version of python, install specific versions of packages, and basically encapsulate the entire application environment away from the base OS version. The next step is going to be deploying with a virtualenv install in production but for the moment the current challenges have been met.