Richard Bucker

Best programming languages in 2020; python is dead

Posted at — Jan 3, 2020

Leading up to New Years Eve 2020 there were countless “best programming language(s)” posts all over the place. Of course, my favorite is and was the one that github produced year after year. This year python is in vogue. Many of the same actors are still in play like Java and Kotlin because of the dependency of Android. (Google should have bought Java from Sun; oh well)

My problem with python is several fold. At least it’s the obvious problems.

I think the criteria for a successful programming language in 2020 is going to be:

Without going too far into it… golang with lua and/or tcl. There is a chance that Rust could replace golang. While Rust has sone interesting features its also a bit more complicated. (dart and flutter need an IDE so it’s not even an honorable mention)

CORRECTION - rust will not be considered until it can do some SQLServer connectivity without ODBC. Same for almost any shim language.