Richard Bucker

Rancher - not smooth enough

Posted at — Jun 23, 2016

I really want to use Rancher. Rancher rounds many of the edges I get with OpenStack, VMware, VirtualBox and others. Of course you have to decide whether you want to push around containers or push around an OS with package managers and scripts. In my opinion both Docker and Rkt are preferred.Rancher is supposed to give yo a console similar to vSphere or vCloud. I’m not sure I care and I think I’d be happy with a CLI implementation.In the meantime I have a number of moving parts that I call requirements. [a] I need to have gitlab running in the environment [b] a private registry [c] and drone or jenkins. I tried to launch gitlab according to the catalog description but it failed. I just do not have enough information whether it’s in the package or Rancher I do not know. But it is not as simple as I had hopped for.