Richard Bucker

RancherOS without local storage

Posted at — Apr 9, 2015

RancherOS is another one of those JE (just enough) Linux distros. When I discovered it there was this:If you are running from the ISO RancherOS will be running from memory. In order to persist to disk you need to format a file system with the label RANCHER_STATE.At the time I was reading this I was under the impression that (a) persistence was optional (b) and that it was incomplete. Sadly, now that I read it again I read something completely different.¬†But at the time the emphasis was on “not ready”.Now, as I reconsider the statement, I have a different opinion. Why not simply leave the OS ephemeral so that it is reloaded every time it boots.¬†Meaning that one might boot the baremetal and PXE boot the root OS every time. Then with a little magic have the first boot register the system with some MCP(master control program) and start processing.This means that here has to be a few static services like a registry for the instance containers and a storage vault for a network filesystem. and a few bootstrapped services. The idea would be for some sort of self organizing dynamic system.If you think about it a little it’s got some salsa to it.