Richard Bucker

RDP and VNC are dead

Posted at — Mar 23, 2014

While ubiquitous bandwidth exists within the enterprise and even the local home network it does not exist in the wild. While ubiquitous bandwidth was the promise of telco the regulation it never materialized. Even the more recent net neutrality was supposed to support even in a modest way the remote virtual desktop experience.In reality the Internet is not as reliable and does not have the bandwidth that’s necessary for continuous virtual desktops to be practical. And of course let’s not forget security and privacy.As proof one only needs to open a terminal session to a remote computer even within the same city let alone the same country and typically those connections will be lost or chunky as network usage goes up. Telcos are stealing their network based on average or mean network load not on peak load. One normally sees a rise in latency when the kids come home from school at around 3 o’clock with a slight dip at dinner time around six and then picking again around eight till about 1130 12 o’clock.