Richard Bucker

Read to Me Kindle

Posted at — Jul 20, 2022

Sitting on the couch with absolutely no interest in walking over to the desk I wanted to review my Kindle book purchases and then pick up 2 more on a recommendation. And that got me full circle to TTS (text to speach). And let’s not leave out Audible.

I do not understand

How amazingly frustrating it all is! First of all the number of posts where people say “just center click on the kindle reader and press the play button”. And then the others that say “click accessability then just use the app”. So lets just review some facts.

turn it on (kindle fire)


While Amazon has made it trivial to buy and read books with Kindle they got the rest completely wrong. Of course the TTS in the reader is just barely passable. You’d think with all the tech in Alexa that it would be able to read properly… It seems to do a better job with kids books. Even just the slightest respect for punctuation…. but then Amazon is selling audio books.