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Real Programmers ...

Posted at — Feb 8, 2015

Real programmers can write assembly code in any language. – Larry Wall
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One thing for sure… long before TDD the testing and debugging trend was (a) logging, (b) asserting, © single step every line of code (d) look at the assembly version of the code.

A few of the things I really liked about writing in C on DOS systems:
  • the smallest binary executable was only about 4 bytes. In an EXE file there was a 2-byte token, segment index, segment definitions, and then the code segment with it’s setting the AX register and a call to interrupt 21h. In a COM file it was just the code segment…
  • Since the only linking you would do were libraries you identified… there was no bloat and the code could be dumped.
Reading the code in the assembly version often times made it easier to debug or desk check. With modern programming languages there is TDD (yuk!) but there are all sorts of potential visualizations. I happen to like flow based programming as the logic and function are separated (separation of concerns).