Richard Bucker

Rear review - still too much for a one day hike in big cypress

Posted at — Nov 24, 2016

Back in September I did a short 3 mile hike on the Florida Trail going north from the southern most terminus. The 3 miles took about 3 hours including actual travel time, a few breaks, and some trail maintenance. At the time I was over prepared. I carried too much water, gear, and my pack was just too robust.In November I did a similar hike but this time heading south from the same starting point. My back was smaller and lighter than the Sept trip but I was still heavy and needed a different core setup.Gear - this is SULhammock with strapsSOL shelter, blanket, ponchoshemogsmall micro towelfirst aid kitwater kitheadlampcompass, whistle, knifebank linechange of socksNext time2L or 3L camekbackmore food - I brought enough for lunch and a snack; I should have had enough for 4 meals and what I had was mostly carbs.better boot repair kit or a second pair of shoes or bootsimmodium (not sure why it’s missing from my kit)What I could have left home2 dehydrated mealsstove and potclothes except socksbushcraft knifespoonfire kittarp stakesUPDATE - shopping for a Cambak - Camelbak’s website and Amazon are not helpful at all. I took the gear above and stuffed it into 3 1 gallon Ziplock bags thinking I’s be able to get everything inside a 3L pack. I was wrong. 3 gallons is not the same as 3 liters. DUH! Camelbak offers many different sizes…. but this daypack requirement seems more like a base of 12L for gear and probably another 5-10L for food.