Richard Bucker

Rebuilding a Modern Datacenter

Posted at — Jun 22, 2016

If you had to build a new and modern small enterprise datacenter what would you do? VMware, OpenStack, or baremetal with containers, appscale, appengine, heroku, cloud foundry …?I like VMware because it’s rock solid. As a company they seem responsive and proactive. If you install VMware on trusted ready hardware then things just work. Unfortunately things also get expensive. There are also a few failures there too. For example VMware’s orchestration does not like chatty systems as it favors long running and casual deploys.I cannot say enough bad things about OpenStack. In the end mgmt was drawn to it because it was a shiney new and presented as free alternative to VMware. In the end it was not free and might cost as much if not more when you consider it’s new and the chex-mix of the IT world. Someone always spits out the peanuts.And yet you have to support it all. OPS people might not have been drawn to it at first but then after all that time spent learning and creating tools they have a vested interest in it’s success. Kinda like agile consultants.Containers are the new kid on the block. They are the shiniest of the precious things. The problem is that groups are going in every direction trying to get market share. Kubernetes is interesting as it’s part of Google’s internals but what is their play?But then again who really needs to get to google scale except google. There are a number of scheduling and orchestration tools out there besides. There are even challengers in the container market from systemd, coreos, nix and docker.appscale and appenge have a bit of a lockin but adding resources is probably the easiest of the bunch. The number of APIs are limited and the touchpoints between the service and the API is minimal.And then the others.What would you do?