Richard Bucker

REST is not a silver bullet

Posted at — Jan 25, 2015

I was reading the article “REST is not a silver bullet” as published on “prismatic”, however, after reading the article I wanted to comment on the post. Commenting required registration. However, once I registered the link in my reading list redirected me to additional registration tasks. What a waste!The author had a number of complaints; but while not wrong they were not as correct as written. The big issue is/was REST and HTTP, however, I’ve read a lot on the subject and most authors seem to believe that (a) HTTP is ubiquitous, it’s well understood, and easy to implement. (b) it’s trivial to add SSL. (c) there are plenty of tools for testing and debugging. (d) it is scalable and concurrent. (e) REST just gives the transaction context. (f) long-pole and web sockets can fill additional gaps.I suppose there are plenty of reasons to hate HTTP/REST but most arguments are limited.