Richard Bucker

retail dilemma

Posted at — Dec 10, 2015

My wife’s FitBit HR has become discolored by the dye in a new shirt. I reached out to FitBit, however, their support department is telling me that the only option is a discount coupon for a new device. They do not offer spare parts of any kind and I have not received the coupon so I do not know how deep a discount they are going to give me. In addition to the FitBit the Old Navy shirt damaged a manicure and undershirt. All told the damage came to $200. What are the chances that the parent company is going to authorize $200 against the original $10 purchase?My Chromebit purchase is on it’s way. Recently someone posted about what would be a good ChromeOS device for his 5yr old. I suggested an ASUS Chromebox, however, many others were yammering on about laptops. I thought a Chromebit might be interesting to function in a hotel room when traveling, however, that’s not as practical anymore. Consider travelling with the family. Commandeer the TV and there would be a revolt. It could end up being an advance chromecast, however, I’m not sure I want to leak private information buy having an open chrome session in a public space.