Richard Bucker

review - altra superior 2

Posted at — Jan 31, 2017

Last weekend I went for a hike on the Florida Trail. A small 4 miles section of the trail was a gravel road and my feet were in pain.These merrell trail glove shoes were kinda nice. First off they are a size 10.5 and while they fit my foot length the height of my arch meant I did not have enough lace and tightening the laces cause hot-spots. While I wanted a barefoot experience in order to give my heel a break I quickly realized I really want a zero drop.After some recommendations and internet searching and reading I found these: altra superior 2 (size 11) which I purchased on amazon for $64. I went back to buy a second pair but amazon wanted to charge me $82 for the second pair. In the interim the superior 3 is available and given the pricing and availability I’ll wait for the 3 to drop in price.I noticed a few things. The laces and the body of the shoe fit better. Duh, size 11 vs 10.5. The toe box was also big like the merrell but the insole was squishy almost gel but it was thicker and I expect will be better on that dirt road.One big surprise are these inserts. ┬áThey are meant to be inserted between the shoe and the insole to give a little more rigidity to the sole in order to protect your feet.they call it a stone guard.I cannot wait for my next hike.