Richard Bucker

review - bear paw wilderness designs

Posted at — Feb 14, 2017

Bear Paw Wilderness Designs LLC is an awesome company with solid products which are flexible enough to customize and some of the features that others would call custom are just features. For example I ordered a net tent but wanted it a little wider (custom) and a left side full zipper (just a standard feature).But let’s start at the beginning… I traded a number of pre-sale emails with the Johm. We discussed a number of project ideas and I settled on a minimalist 1 with a standard slope. A week later and my net tent arrived with almost a new car smell.I tried a number of configurations with a tyvek groundsheet and a number of different rainfly configurations. In the end I made a few discoveries…polycryo might be better than tyvek for this functionmy groundsheets need to be paired with the other shelter components so that it’s idealtyvek and SOL blankets come in different shapes and sizes but they can be heavier than I wantI have a roll of 8’x25' polycryo. A small 8’x38" piece should make a nice groundsheet. And an 8’x10' sheet would make a nice tarp. The total weight should be about 14oz compared to my Six Moon Designs Luna Solo with a groundsheet (24oz + 2oz).PS: I’m not sure where the SMD tents are made, however, I thought they were made in the US by SMD, however, in a recent email exchange it was clear that SMD did not actually product the tents and that they were manufactured elsewhere. Could be anywhere. The BPWD seems to be manufactured in the US.