Richard Bucker

Review: Benchmade HK Knives Ally Knife

Posted at — Jun 17, 2016

There are a couple of things to like about this knife but not enough as an EDC.PRO:lightweightlow profilesmooth one handed openwith caution a one handed closereasonable blade length for an EDCglass breakCON:serrated edgechamfered blade spine and lock release is uncomfortableno edge for fero roddon’t leave it in a hot cargripLet me detail the CONs because if you already like the knife there is no reason to look passed that.I take issue with the serrated edge because it’s just one more thing that needs to be cared for. If you’ve ever sharpened a knife to near razor sharpness now you have two blades to sharpen. Yes, it’s just more work and plenty to do with your down time in your tent. **I did a featherstick test with my HK and it worked nicely. It grabbed the wood and created multiple feathers with each stroke. I then created grooves in the wood that made the finer feathers. Re-positioning the blade from stroke to stroke was a little more challenging and required more practice. I’m just saying that a serrated edged was not any more or less functional.The chamfer on the blade is deep making it uncomfortable with a tight grip. And the chamfer on the lock-release both in the grip and when releasing the blade lock.Simply put the spine of the blade is powder coated and lacks a 90 degree edge so the only way to strike a fero rod is with the blade edge. I guess that’s OK but it’s a sensibility thing for me.It’s a metal skeleton frame so it’s going to get hot in your car. I suppose that’s kinda contra-indicated when you consider that there is glass break… let’s just hope you don’t drop it when you need it most.And lastly the grip… it’s not a full sized knife and so the grip is going to be awkward. There are clearly two normal grips. [a] forefinger in a channel on the blade and [2] just behind that position and [3] as a chopper but you better have a lanyard for safety.It’s a well made knife that is better as a letter opener than an EDC.