Richard Bucker

Review: Chromebit

Posted at — Mar 6, 2016

I really like the idea of a Chromebit I’m just not sure it’s ready for daily or travel use.During a recent business trip I packed my Chromebit in my go bag. It was so small and light that I nearly forgot about it when I was at my destination as I had already started working with my Chromebook and so there was no need. That first evening the geeks started bragging about their toys so I decided to break mine out. Since I had never used it I was expecting greatness. Once I finished the regular registration things and the update I was ready to go. Unfortunately the monitor I was using was a Dell curved 34" display with 3300x1800 (from memory). Disappointingly the Chromebit could not drive the display in it’s best resolution.So here are some observations…depending on what is at your destination you will either have to bring or buy a keyboard and mouseif you’re planning to use it in a hotel room TV then the OSHA rating is going to be very low. Working from a bed for prolonged periods is terrible and it requires a different type of keyboard. And you cannot use the TV for anything else… I’m not sure how performant the device is when listening to music or watching video at the same time. This is worse when you’re traveling with your family.even though logitech has a few tiny keyboard and trackpad combos the keyboards are really small.The jury is still out but not looking good.