Richard Bucker

Review: CRKT Original KISS

Posted at — Jul 27, 2016

It sucks.It folds nicely and the action is ok. Rather than using the stud I found myself using the bevel of the blade to open the knife. The complaint is that when it’s closed the DT is not strong enough and when open it’s easy to close since the normal grip include the lock release. The only problem with the closed blade edge is that the point is pointy and not smooth against the frame. I was not able to correct that with my stones as I was never certain what angle to reduce.The blade is ok and cutting ¬†takes getting used to. The 100% edge causes the knife to move sideways in the target.I think the designer was intending the user to wrap the blade with money so that the bills would act as a sort of sheath. Which is not a bad idea. But then you’re not going to win any speed awards.There is a lanyard hole and the clip appears to be removable. I do not think this would make a good neck carry as it is kinda heavy for that and dangerous too. Although a creative knot might render it harmless and useless at the same time.Lastly this knife is about a 3 finger grip so it’s a reasonable size. I think the KISS 2 or the slip KISS 2 might be a better knife for cutting something. ¬†WARNING this is not something you want to take past the TSA. It could just land you in jail.