Richard Bucker

Review: CRKT Squid

Posted at — Jul 30, 2016

In conclusion; feels solid, opens and closes nicely, pocket clip is functional and an odd shaped lanyard hole that I wish was a glass break. The framelock is strong and the finger studs and framelock are well placed making one handed open and close easy but it will never flick like a flipper.My only real complaint is the edge. From the factory it’s just not sharp enough. Even using my DST system and my DC4/CC4 I have not been able to get a good edge on this knife. Given the price is not worth the effort for the edge. Also, there seems to be a manufacturing problem with the blade. Not matter which system I use I cannot get rid of a divot.I’ll try again with my DC4 but I think this knife going into the junk drawer with my KISS and Pazoda2.