Richard Bucker

Review: Google Music Beta

Posted at — Jun 14, 2011

I’ve been granted a beta account on Google’s new music service and my initial impression is that I’m disappointed (and I hope Apple is taking notes for iCloud)I received my invitation yesterday and I was pretty happy about it. I requested an invitation recently and given the number of uber power users at Google I was not expecting anything.I installed the desktop app, which is not really a desktop app at all. It’s an application that quietly runs in the background aka daemon (or TSR for you DOS throwbacks). The actual user experience takes place in the browser. So on to my checklist of complaints: The browser app seems sluggish (could be because the upload is running). The daemon is uploading my entire library (8K songs) rather than just the signature. They deployed an Android version of the player but no iPhone. If you elect to receive the free songs you cannot tell them from yours unless you really know your library. It only plays on my computer and I like the AirPlay in my iPhone, iPod, AirPort Express (maybe Google should buy Logitech).All in all I think Pandora and Spotify are the ones that need to be concerned here unless iCloud does not deliver.[update 2001-06-15: Two days later Google is still uploading my music. 6102 songs of 7543.][update #2: Cloud Music Comparison: What’s the Best Service for Streaming Your Library Everywhere? - Lifehacker]