Richard Bucker

review Marmot Kompressor Plus - not so good

Posted at — Jan 20, 2017

Here is my list of stuff:1L SmartWater1L water filtering bottle1 pkg mashed potatoesFleece Sweaterponchohammockpretzelsprotein bar2 pkts peanut butter2 pkgs GUspoonheadlampcompassmicrotowelhard candytarpcordage and bitsbivyfirst aid kitwater kitstove and cupmy stuffHere is yesterday’s pack, a Klymit Stash 18. Everything fits. Kinda snug. Only the main compartment and the one pocket. Just the drawstring at the top… and it’s black. There is a good chance that the contents of the pack is going to be warmed and since the water is inside it’s going to be warm too. In my last experience with a hydration bag I found the contents of the straw to be warm.Today’s pack is a Marmot Kompressor Plus #24940. Everything fits and there is plenty of room for a lot more gear. Since it’s the same gear as the Klymit and it weighed in at 10lbs this pack is the same and the manufacturer suggests the limit is 20lbs but after wearing it around the house the Marmot has serious limitations.The platypus meta bottle is made of a silicon and sticks on the side pocket. It’s hard to get in and hard to get out. I tried putting it in a ziplock bag and it was easier but only barely because the pocket was not actually deep enough.I had a similar challenge with my 1L Smartwater bottle. Except here the bottle is slippery and tall. The higher center of gravity allowed the bottle to flip flop.The front and hood pockets were nice for snacks and urgent use gear like compass and poncho.I need to complain about the straps again.Well, after some gear adjustment I was able to get the base weight under 5lbs and the compression straps are functioning better. Also the pack feel better and the sternum strap is also comfortable. And I managed to get the bottles in the side pockets. But without contents to give it structure it’s floppy and not very functional.I kinda wish I had purchased the Klymit yellow.